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Max Revenue Program

Max Revenue Program

Our Max Revenue Program is an opportunity for the return-driven owner to maximize their return on an income minus expenses basis gaining up to 15% on the yacht value in annual revenue. This translates into a revenue on income minus expenses basis in a percentage of 70% on net charter fee minus management and operation costs.

Istion guarantees a minimum of 85 weeks of charter over a period of 5 years and handles the charter sales & marketing in its whole. The yacht owner acquires the yacht and undertakes the yacht’s operating expenses (mooring, insurance and maintenance) while retaining the advantage of flexible levels of active ownership involvement, with Istion offering tailor-made solutions on the latter. The program has a duration of 5 years and can be extended by 3 more on agreement. During the program the owner enjoys unlimited private use of their own luxury yacht!

Program Advantages: You will be choosing a turn-key solution best suited for revenue on a return minus expenses basis maximization, while enjoying Istion’s specialized Management Professional Care Services as well as unlimited private use. You also get to choose how and how much involved you want to be in yacht’s Operation and Management Procedure. The program can be extended for 3 more years on agreement (5 + 3 Years).

Program Privileges: Gold Membership in Istion World Club - Phase-out Brokerage by Istion

Available Yacht Brands: Lagoon - Beneteau - Jeanneau - Bali - Dufour

Early Termination: At yearly intervals. In case you wish to exit the program earlier than the standard 5 years, you may do so at the end of the year that you wish to end the program.

Guaranteed charter weeks are reduced by actual weeks of Owner use
Owner’s revenue on income minus expenses basis: 70% on net charter fee minus management and operation costs

Interested in our Max Revenue Program? Contact our management team with any questions!